5 potential SB winners by trading for LA Rams DB Jalen Ramsey

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Landing spot V: Minnesota Vikings

Let's face it, the Minnesota Vikings are back now. At least the Vikings are back in terms of winning the NFC North. But it's difficult to believe that the Vikings will compete deep into the NFL playoffs as long as their defense surrenders 420+ points in the regular season. Despite their 13-4 regular season record, the VIkings were one and done in the NFL Playoffs,

They lost to the visiting New York Giants, a 9-7-1 team that won the game thanks to their quarterback Daniel Jones playing an almost flawless game. Jones put up 24 of 35 passes for 301 yards and two touchdowns. Then, adding insult to injury, he scrambled for an additional 78 yards to lead the team in rushing as well. Everyone in the NFL knows that would never have happened if the Vikings had a defensive back named Jalen Ramsey playing for them.

VIkings head coach knows Ramsey very well, having been the LA Rams offensive coordinator for two seasons. He knows the impact that Jalen Ramsey can make on defense. Best of all, the Vikings plans to be very aggressive this off-season in improving their team.

"I've gone through a real thorough process of so many ways that I'll be better for our team. I want the closest ... resemblance to my personality as the head coach of this team to be articulated in how we play. And I think Brian coming in here will give not only the similar football backgrounds and philosophies, but also just the mindset of being ultra-competitors and trying to win that football game each and every Sunday, however, by any means necessary." - Per Minnesota Vikings head coach Kevin O'Connell as per ESPN staff writer Kevin Seifert

By any means necessary can mean a wide variety of options, but I'm certain that it includes trading with his former team, the LA Rams, to acquire an elite defensive back. So what might a trade look like between these two teams?

The package is clean and simple. The LA Rams get valuable draft picks to begin restocking the bare shelves of the Rams roster. The Vikings get one of the best defensive backs in the NFL today. The conditions of the 2024 NFL Draft pick could become a fourth-round pick if Ramsey fails to play 10 games or more, a third-round pick if Ramsey fails to play 14 games or more, and a first-round pick if the Vikings get as far as the NFC Championship game.

Some may balk at the price, but if it means getting a Super Bowl victory, or even a chance at one, do you regret it? I don't think so. "Any means necessary," is not a term that Kevin O'Connell uses lightly, as he witnessed firsthand how passionately HC Sean McVay pushed to get veteran QB Matthew Stafford. He will do the same in this one and could emerge with Ramsey as a result.

The package is clean and simple. The LA Rams get valuable picks and the Minnesota VIkings level up. But there are four other teams who are equally intriguing. Who?