5 potential SB winners by trading for LA Rams DB Jalen Ramsey

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Landing spot IV: Kansas City Chiefs

The rich get richer in the NFL, and there is no team that is equal to the Kansas City Chiefs' ability to lock and load for a new NFL season. While the Chiefs have a pretty good handle on what it takes to win, the team is always open-minded enough to know what is needed on their roster for the next chapter.

If you look around at the AFC, and particularly in the AFC West, you will notice that the division continues to attract some of the best NFL quarterbacks in the league. Even as the Kansas City Chiefs ended the 2022 NFL season with a 14-3 record, their defense allowed 369 points, which was the ninhth-ranked defense of the 14 NFL Playoff teams in 2022. So if you want to have a chance at repeating, where would you invest your resources and energy?

If the Chiefs get Jalen Ramsey, then it is absolutely game on for another Super Bowl run. The offense is going to score points as long as Patrick Mahomes is under center. And Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has a great eye for offensive linemen. But he should be very interested in pulling the trigger for Ramsey. Why? The better teams in the AFC all have potent passing attacks. The Chiefs need to counter those teams by making their pass defense more potent. So what might a trade look like?

Once more, the package is clean and simple. The LA Rams get valuable draft picks to begin restocking the bare shelves of the Rams roster. The Chiefs land an immediate upgrade for their pass defense, and one of the best defensive backs in the NFL today. The conditions of the 2024 NFL Draft pick could become a fourth-round pick if Ramsey fails to play 10 games or more, a third-round pick if Ramsey fails to play 14 games or more, and a first-round pick if the Chiefs get as far as the AFC Championship game.

Will the Chiefs make this trade? They may not, as the team has been content to home grow most of their talent, and sprinkle in the occasional NFL veteran for a rotational role. But if they did, you can bet that this team would be SB LVIII favorites.