5 potential SB winners by trading for LA Rams DB Jalen Ramsey

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Landing spot II: Jacksonville Jaguars

How ironic would it be for the LA Rams to trade All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey back to the team that originally drafted him? Before you scoff, let's set the record straight. This is not the Jaguars organization that Ramsey left. For starters, Doug Pederson is their head coach, and he is the type of coach that players love to play for. And this is a Jacksonville Jaguars team that is rapidly on the rise.

Many fans may not be warm and fuzzy over bring 'The Traitor' or "The Betrayer' back to the Jacksonville Jaguars, but there are plenty of valid reasons to do so. Like many of the teams on this list, we believe that the Jaguars team is good enough for another playoff run, but that their defense needs a B-12 booster shot, a boost that adding Jalen Ramsey can give their defense.

It was painfully obvious to anyone who watched the Jacksonville Jaguars compete in the NFL Playoffs that their defense simply had no answer for a tight end who could catch the football. Their defense surrendered 109 yards and a touchdown to LA Chargers tight end Gerald Everett. The next week, the Jaguars allowed 98 yards and two touchdowns to Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. The Jaguars lost that game by one touchdown, 27-20.

Ramsey can defend tight ends. Sure, he surrendered one touchdown to Kelce in the regular season, But he wins as many of those battles as he loses. And the Jaguars would instantly benefit from the return of a seasoned veteran defensive back to lead their secondary. So what might this trade look like?

In the end, the LA Rams rented Ramsey for four seasons, and the Jaguars net a first round pick at the cost of a conditional third round pick. Is that worth it? It certain is if the Jaguars can leverage Ramsey's return into a Super Bowl victory. They were very close in 2022. I believe that adding Jalen Ramsey could easily place them over the top.