5 potential SB winners by trading for LA Rams DB Jalen Ramsey

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Landing spot I: Detroit Lions

it's hard NOT to point to the Detroit Lions as the obvious landing spot for defensive back Jalen Ramsey. The LA Rams and the Detroit Lions are two NFL teams that have conducted a lot of business together, and the fact that Lions GM Bradley Holmes used to work for LA Rams GM Les Snead could be the reason for that.

The Lions are on the cusp of competing in the NFL Playoffs. Quarterback Jared Goff has his mojo back, the team can put points on the scoreboard, and the defenseis very young but loaded with talent. If only the Lions could land an NFL veteran who could hold the defense to task and keep them focused while everyone begins to perform to their capabilities. A defensive back like, say, Jalen Ramsey?

There will be no him-hawing or bullshiting if the Rams and the Lions sit down to talk trade. Whatever GM Brad Holmes does not know about Jalen Ramsey, Detroit Lions assistant GM Ray Agnew will know. So it's all the cards on the table for these two teams. Can a trade happen?

I think it can. The Detroit Lions have two first round picks in the 2023 NFL Draft, and know that rookies, even rookies chosen in Round 1, take time to truly contribute. But landing a veteran defensive back like Jalen Ramsey is an instant level up for the entire defense. So what might that trade look like?

The Lions are oh so close to getting into the NFL Playoffs, and I'm convinced that adding Ramsey helps them do so. The Lions players are quite excited at the thought of adding Ramsey, And the Lions fans have been clamoring for the Lions' front office to pull the trigger as well. Does the price seem too steep? Well, don't ignore the fact that the Detroit Lions have two first and two second-round picks in the 2023 NFL Draft, and that their acquired quarterback Jared Goff is performing at a much better-than-expected level, a level that is worthy of an NFL Playoff berth.

Even after this trade, the Lions still have 2023 NFL Draft picks at 6, 49, 82, 137, 155, 184, and 195. That's a pretty healthy clip of ammunition. And the Lions emerger with a true Day 1 starter for their secondary. Not only does Ramsey help in pass coverage, but he amplifies the pass rush as well, as the quarterback who hesitates trying to find the open receiver will be crushed by the Lions ever improving young defense.

All told, here are five NFL teams that would certainly benefit from trading for Jalen Ramsey. Fortune favors the bold. The LA Rams proved to the NFL that making a bold trade for a key component can lead to winning a Super Bowl. These are five teams who appear to need Jalen Ramsey to make that Super Bowl LVIII run.

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Now, which team is confident enough to make a high-stakes gamble like that?