5 reasons why LA Rams cannot take Arizona Cardinals lightly

The LA Rams host their NFC West Divisional rivals in Week 6. Unlike past encounters, the Rams need this win to reach .500, which makes this a dangerous game indeed.

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Reason III: Cardinals create turnovers

There is no magic, dweomer, or prestidigitation involved in the fact that the Arizona Cardinals simply exercise a good handle on the football. Running the football limits the number of opportunities of throwing interceptions, and in direct comparison, the Rams have thrown five interceptions while the Cardinals have thrown just two interceptions.

But the difference in the net turnovers is the fact that the Rams defense has just three takeaways, while the Cardinals have six takeaways, including four interceptions. And that is a red flag for the LA Rams going into Week 6.

Even as the LA Rams 'feel' like the better team on paper, that all flies out the window if the Rams offense is coughing up the football. The Cardinals may not be a team with all of the bells and whistles, but games can get out of hand if they leverage their running game on offense against their defense's ability to create turnovers.

Rams cannot run high-risk pass plays

And the Rams are very susceptible to that type of game plan.

Of course, the Rams can counter the Cardinals' ability to pick off passes by committing to a sound running game and leaning heavily on play-action pass plays. Or, the Rams could rework this week's offensive strategy by playing a healthy number of plays with a 12-personnel package. That would allow the Rams to stick with high-percentage pass plays and wear down the Cardinals' secondary.

Even as the Rams have not rushed with any conviction so far this season, Week 6 is an ideal situation to flex their ground assault. The Cardinals love to rush the passer, and have likely spent all week preparing their stunts and blitzes to get to Stafford. If the Rams just come out and run the football down their throats, that could have a huge bearing on the outcome of this game.