5 reasons why LA Rams cannot take Arizona Cardinals lightly

The LA Rams host their NFC West Divisional rivals in Week 6. Unlike past encounters, the Rams need this win to reach .500, which makes this a dangerous game indeed.

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Reason I: The Arizona Cardinals compete in the NFC West Division

While many fans disregard the NFL tiebreaker rules, the performance throughout the season has a huge say in how the LA Rams may or may not be seeded in the 2024 NFL Playoffs. One of the first NFL tiebreakers is a team's divisional record. Right now, the LA Rams are 1-1 in NFC West Divisional play.

The Rams could emerge in Week 6 with a 2-1 NFC West Divisional record, which is vastly better than a 1-2 divisional record. If you concede that the San Francisco 49ers will win the NFC West, then you have to compare the Rams 1-1 divisional record to the Seattle Seahawks 0-1 divisional record. Right now, the Rams have a tiebreaker advantage.

The Rams really do not want to surrender that advantage.

Rams need to rebound in a big way

The young LA Rams roster will improve as the 2023 NFL season moves along. This team is 2-3, but the Rams are playing better than a 2-3 ought to be playing. But that is simply potential, and that is worthless until the Rams find a way to convert all of that potential into football field production.

The Rams have some true NFL stars on the roster. And quite frankly, the team had a regrettable Week 5 performance. The Rams defenders seemed to have forgotten how to tackle, and the Rams felt like a far better team that failed to adhere to basic fundamental football principles that allowed the game to slip through through the Rams fingers.

The Rams cannot consider Week 6 an automatic win. The Rams need to reclaim honest fundamentally sound play to win this one. Can the Rams do it? Of course. But the question is, wiil they? Stay tuned for the answer . . .