5 reasons why the LA Rams will salvage rookie QB Stetson Bennett's NFL career in 2024

Los Angeles Rams, Stetson Bennett
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III: Don't question his mental toughness

The worst mistake that anyone can make right now is to accuse Stetson Bennett of not meeting some arbitrary threshold of mental toughness, and citing that subjective argument to justify concluding that Bennett is not up to the Rams level to play quarterback.

In a word? Baloney.

If Stetson Bennett did indeed need time away from the NFL to address non-physical medical issues, than he has far more mental toughness than the average person. The stigma associated with anyone who needs help from the behavioral medicine arena is enough to ward off practically everyone. While we do not know why Bennett has been away from the game, let's eliminate the bias shown towards anyone who seeks help from professionals.

Whether due to grieving from a lost loved one, to the mental fatigue caused by daily competition, the expectation that NFL players are rock solid day in and day out is a myth. NFL players, just like anyone on the planet earth, face matters that can trigger depression, dependency and addiction, loss of confidence, and a host of other 'greater than I can handle' behavioral health concerns that simply need the aid from a trained and licensed professional.

Yet somehow, seeking that level of help remains viewed as weak, undisciplined, or not mentally tough. The truth is that it is quite the opposite.

Need proof? There is plenty of research on the matter. Here is one informative article entitled: 13 Reasons Why An Athlete Should See a Mental Health Sports Therapist. As if that is not enough, here is another solid article that lists ways that counselors can aid all athletes' competitive performances. Developments in sports medicine continue to compile evidence that a healthy mind is one of the key ingredients to a successful professional sports career.

Just like working out to sustain physical health, counselors cand train athletes in proper techniques to sustain mental health.