5 Round 1 draft prospects who could warm up chilly Rams reception in 2024

2024 NFL Draft
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When the LA Rams prepared for the 2023 NFL Draft, everyone knew and understood that the team was under a great deal of pressure to 'get it right,' in terms of finding immediate contributors. As fans often do, we sorted through the options of players who might be selected by the team, and began to admire and even demand that the team follow our logic and hearts by selecting our favorite players.

Much to our immediate dismay and eventual delight, the team followed their own strategy, stayed true to their own draft board, and emerged with a group of rookies unlike any rookie class seen by this team in recent history. Without a Round 1 pick, the Rams draft class of 2023 emerged with arguably the best offensive and defensive rookies of the draft. In fact, some re-drafts have determined that the Rams emerged with four players who deserved to be selected in Round 1.

Not bad for a team that had no Round 1 picks, nor has has the benefit of one since 2016.

But time and distance have tempered our collective recollection. The tone of many fans to learn that the team has opted to use their first three draft picks on:

  • IOL Steve Avila - TCU - 36th overall in Round 2
  • OLB Byron Young - Tennessee - 77th overall in Round 3
  • NT Kobie Turner - Wake Forest - 89th overall in Round 3

was lukewarm at best. Of the group, Avila received the warmest welcome. In regards to both OLB Byron Young and NT Kobie Turner, fans were a bit dismayed. Some warmed up as they learned more about the players, while others did not give their nod of approval until they began to play and produce in games. But even as Kobie Turner and Byron Young began to shine in training camp, fans did not see Turner as a starter at nose tackle, and Young was viewed as a rotational player by some.

Will the 2024 NFL Draft be any different?

I'm not trying to throw shade at anyone. I'm simply pointing to the reality that the LA Rams front office has a much better shot of selecting the right player with each pick. Yes, the fans knew better when the team opted to select WR Tutu Atwell over IOL Creed Humphrey. But that was one occasion. The team clearly knew better in the 2023 NFL Draft. So my point is to reserve instant judgment and let the selected players and their potential grow on you.

To that end, here are five prospects who the team may select in Round 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft that may get a cool shoulder from fans. But I believe that the performance of each of these five players will warm up the fans' reception by the time the season arrives. Who are they? Let's dig right in.