5 Round 1 draft prospects who could warm up chilly Rams reception in 2024

2024 NFL Draft
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Prospect 3: Clemson DB Nate Wiggins

While the Rams secondary appears to have re-formed around an entirely new cast of characters, the team has not guarantees that formerly injured Tre'Davius White will return to his former All-Pro level, nor even that a new collection of defensive backs can find the instant chemistry and communication to flourish in 2024.

6-foot-1 173-pound Clemson cornerback Nate Wiggins is a tall and speedy defensive back who instantly competes for a starting role, and absolutely earns playing time as a rotational defensive back who can stay close to fast receivers and cause problems for taller receivers and tight ends.

There are about 10 cornerbacks in the 2024 NFL Draft who have starter potential even as a rookie, Wiggins is one of the players who is not getting the buzz that he should. After all, a 6-foot-1 defensive back who has solid pass-defense skills is always going to hear his name called. So why would Rams fans warm up to him?

He has a trifecta of size, speed, and audacity that will place him as one of Coach Aubrey Pleasant's star pupils in training camp. You can't coach size, speed, or temperament, which is why Wiggins is such a promising prospect. He is not an NFL superstar yet, but give Pleasant time to work his magic in training camp. Even as the team has two new veteran faces, Wiggins is the safety net if either should stumble.

Perhaps Wiggins best attribute is that he is young enough to be molded. Taking on 17 pounds of additional muscle, blending with his teammates, and learning how to defend such receivers like Cooper Kupp, Puka Nacua, and even speedy Tutu Atwell, will give him a graduate degree in NFL secondary performance. He has the foundation to become a solid NFL cornerback.