5 sensational selections that the Rams made in 2024 NFL Draft

NFL Combine - LA Rams GM Les Snead
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IV: Packing RB room with a 1-2 punch

The LA Rams were virtually unstoppable whenever the team line up running back Kyren Williams in the offensive backfield. In just 12 gams, Williams put up 1,144 yards, 12 touchdowns, and 62 first downs when running with the football in 2023. He also added 206 receiving yards, three touchdowns, and nine first downs as receiver out of the backfield. That's 15 touchdowns in 12 games. Pretty impressive, eh?

The entire Rams offense scored 44 touchdowns over 17 games. That means that while Kyren Williams scored 1.25 touchdowns per game, the rest of the Rams offense scored just 1.7 toucdowns per game. Let's say that one more time. The Rams non-Williams scoring was just 1.7 touchdowns per game. it's no wonder that when Williams was unable to play, this offense was far less effective and the team was far less successful.

When Michigan Wolverines RB Blake Corum played, he rushed for 1,245 yards and 27 touchdowns. He also added 117 yards and one touchdown as a receiver out of the backfield. The Michigan Wolverines offense scored 64 touchdowns in 15 games in 2023. 28 of those TDs were delivered by Blake Corum. That means that Corum averaged 1.9 touchdowns per game, while the entirety of the Wolverines' offense without Corum averaged 2.4 touchdowns per game.

See the similarities?

Even if Corum turn out to be a running back whose role is to start whenever Williams falls to injury, the Rams have upgraded their rushing attack tremendously. But the post-draft consensus among analysts and fans is that Corum will share the load with Williams. That will allow the team to manage Williams usage in short weeks, and after minor injuries to prevent more serious complications.

The Rams offense has begun to lean more heavily upon the running game. With the combination of Kyren Williams and Blake Corum in the backfield, the team has a one-two punch that is both dependable and dangerous.