5 undeniable reasons for an LA Rams bounce back season in 2023

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Whenever I sit down to a morning coffee and try to cook up some interesting topic to cover for the LA Rams in the lull before training camp, the pickins' are slim. After all, what can I tell you about the Rams that someone won't rip apart as speculation? Isn't anything about the LA Rams in the off-season speculation? I presumed that is understood. After all, if we are not trying to project what did happen, most content involves trying to establish a causal relationship of factors that contributed to what did happen.

Still, here we are, all asking the same questions about this LA Rams team that was a Super Bowl LVI winner two seasons ago, and yet a huge disappointment last season. But what is at the core of our concerns right now?

It all begins with a basic question: "How good are these LA Rams this season?"

And the answer may surprise you.

"What was, will be . . .?" Not for the LA Rams this year

The depth of NFL analysis from most national media surveys basically commits to the fact that 'what was, will be . . . " projections. I'm not knocking it, as the ability to track and remain abreast of all of the intricate moves of all 32 NFL teams to ensure a solid foundation of what may be, despite the uncertainty of any future forecast, is beyond the ability of even the most powerful supercomputers.

And so, it's simply cost-effective for anyone trying to gauge an entire NFL team power ranking simply to overlay all expectations with the most recent season's results, and then manage the exceptions with key free agent or draft rookie acquisitions. Then, if time permits, massage those initial projections with the attrition of veteran players and key coaches.

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How does that impact the projections for the LA Rams? An injury riddled 2022 NFL season left the team with a 5-12 record. The Rams lost seveal key free agents. The Rams drafted well, but added no key free agent veterans. Most believe that the Rams will not improve this season. And that's fair, on the surface. But there are more factors