5 undeniable reasons for an LA Rams bounce back season in 2023

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Reason IV: Rams coaching staff leveled up

After winning Super Bowl LVI, the LA Rams coaching staff was cannabalized by other NFL teams who were eager to graft the Rams winning strategy and culture onto their own coaching staff. That left the Rams in a wide world of hurt, forced to replenish the coaches despite being exhausted from a long season's campaign, and very late to the coaching carousel as they had to await openings in their staff before beginning their own coaching interviews.

I love the new Rams coaching hires. Unlike occasions in the past where it felt like the Rams had preselected coaches who knew Coach McVay's system, this round of hiring felt like the Rams organization was doing more than sticking to a tried and true script.

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A new day is dawning

From OC Mike LaFleur, to OL Coach Ryan Wendell, to RB Coach Ron Gould, this iteration of new coaches feels different. For starters, they all have something unique and distinctive agbout them. Whether it is a long track record of success, to a foundation of strategy that does not immediately spring from strategies long embodied by the Rams organization, to simply an unending quest to succeed, this group of coaches shares common goals to excel.

The great thing is that, much like a rope, the Rams are finally blending an entire tapestry of different strategies and philosophies to get there this season. Even as the ultimate decision over which plays to call will remain in the hands of HC Sean McVay on offense and DC Raheem Morris on defense, the Rams will have a much deeper arsenal of weapons and playes to use this year.