5 undeniable reasons for an LA Rams bounce back season in 2023

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Reason III: Rams got deeper at TE and RB

When the LA Rams ended the 2022 NFL season, the teams depth at both tight end and running back seemed to have become razor thin. But this offseason, the Rams front office addressed both positions in multiple efforts, ensuring a much better Rams roster at both positions this season.

In terms of veteran losses, the Rams allowed veteran running back Malcolm Brown's contract to expire. If you dial back the time machine a bit further, the Rams released tight end Kendall Blanton and running back Darrell Henderson Jr. mid-way in the 2022 NFL season. But since then, the Rams have been scooping up talent as quickly as possible.

Reinforcements have arrrived

Let's examine how the Rams are padding their roster at the tight end position. The Rams acquired veteran tight end Hunter Long via a trade with the Miami Dolphins. acquired tight end Davis Allen in the 2023 NFL Draft, and signed tight end Christian Sims as a college free agent after the draft.

It's a similar tale when considering the LA Rams running back room. The LA Rams drafted rookie running back Zach Evans in the 2023 NFL Draft and then signed free agent veteran running back Sony Michel.

While the number of players means very little at this stage of the game, the fact that the Rams invested energy and resources into strengthening both positions does seem to suggest that both positions will have greater roles in the offense in 2023. More tight end contribution means a larger portion of plays will be run with a 12-package. More running back contribution suggests that a larger number of plays will be running plays.