5 undeniable reasons for an LA Rams bounce back season in 2023

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Reason I: QB Matthew Stafford is healthiest he's ever been for Rams

Why is it so easy to overlook and ignore the fact that very good NFL players, when they recover and are healthy once more, will play great football once more? The fickleness of fans can be surprising sometimes. One year ago, many were lobbying for veteran quarterback to be nominated for the NFL Hall of Fame. Now, many are lobbying for the LA Rams to trade away the player and his overpaying contract.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Just to be clear, when veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford arrived to the LA Rams organization, he had had a number of minor medical procedures to clean up some trouble spots. But upon his arrival, he did not immediate set off to work with receivers. Rather, he was given a seperate track to learn the team's playbook before joining his teammates in general drills.

Let's see what 100 percent healthy Matthew Stafford can do

During the LA Rams 2022 training camp, Stafford had a medical procedure done on his throwing elbow, resulting in a limited range of motion, and varying degrees of pain and discomfort when he threw the football. Finally, as the Rams 2023 training camp nears, Stafford is a full go, finally clear of learning curve handicaps or medical restrictions.

While I'm not here to argue that Stafford is an automatic Hall of Fame quarterback, I do believe that he can near or reach a 5000 passing yards season for the LA Rams this year. He nearly did in 2021, save the fact that he sat out in the fourth quarter of two games.

Do the LA Rams have reason to be optimistic this season? You bet. The LA Rams coaching statf has had a great deal of time to digest, diagnose, and counter the offensive deficiencies from the 2022 NFL season. So there is every reason to expect some greater level of success from the Rams offense in 2023.

Multiply that by the fact that Stafford is in the best shape of his Rams career, and now you've got something. You don't need to believe in miracles to feel optimistic about the Rams' chances this year. You needn't even carry a lucky rabbit's foot or four-leaf clover in your pocket. Just give this team a chance.

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I don't know how many wins the Rams will earn this season, but with such a large numbe of negative comments about the team's chances, one thing seems clear. It will be more success than many believe this team is capable of achieving.