5 under-the-radar key factors to LA Rams TNF win in Week 16

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp, Eric henderson
Los Angeles Rams Training Camp, Eric henderson / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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If you wanted the LA Rams to get hot to finish out the 2023 NFL season, like I did, you have to be feeling very good about the Rams so far. While the Rams are not in the playoffs, let's not fool ourselves by moving the goal posts this late in the season. Whether or not the LA Rams earn a playoff berth, this Rams team has improved over the 2022 NFL season by at least +3 wins. But after all the dust settles, the Rams may double the number of wins over 2022.

If you have followed our assertions about the LA Rams 3-year cycle, you would have been tracking the pattern since January 2023. But we've discussed the cycle adequately of late. What points we want to focus on in this article are the subtle under-the-radar factors that occurred in Week 16 on Thursday Night Football that allowed the LA Rams to prevail over the feisty New Orleans Saints.

Yes, the game got a ton of press on Friday, December 22, 2023. In the aftermath, plenty has been written about this dominating Rams offense, led by veteran QB Matthew Stafford. And we have touched base on a few contributing factors already, as well.

Rams young skill players crushing it this season

With second-year RB Kyren Williams putting up the second best rushing yards in the NFL this season, in as many as four fewer games than the other NFL running backs, the Rams have a newfound proficiency at running the football. But he is not the only young gun who is tearing up the NFL.

Rams rookie receiver Puka Nacua has been blazin' hot for the Rams offense this year. Not only has he stepped up when the Rams had to start the season without All-Pro WR Cooper Kupp, but he has continued to dominate NFL secondaries even after Kupp returned to the Rams roster. The best part of it all is that both dominating young players were added in Round 5 of the two most recent drafts.

The results may not have been exactly the way LA Rams fans may have hoped, but the Rams Week 16 victory on Thursday Night Football has extended the team's post BYE success. The win elevates the Rams to a record of 8-7, and with two games left on the Rams schedule, the chances for an appearance in the NFL Playoffs at the end of this season have improved dramatically.