6 (failed) LA Rams experiments that deserve a 2023 mulligan

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Allen Robinson as WR2

The first stop on this reclamation tour has got to be what to do with wide receiver Allen Robinson. For whatever the cause, the chemistry between Allen Robinson and starting quarterback Matthew Stafford never developed. Of course, that may have been the result of Stafford arriving to OTAs with a sling on his throwing arm that immobilized any motion. And that limited throwing motion eventually became workload management.

For a new veteran wide receiver attempting to work through the unspoken cues and tendencies of an established NFL quarterback, Robinson's chances of success were very limited in his first season. It was not anyone's fault. Rather it simply was the set of circumstances. Once the season began, Stafford had a strong and established rapport with WR Cooper Kupp, TE Tyler Higbee, and even WR Ben Skowronek, and his decisions of who to target on any given play reflected that bias.

Of course, many do not examine the whole picture, and stop at the statistics page. Did Allen Robinson deliver on his contract price? No. But was it a fault of underperformance, or of underusage? In my assement, I saw a player who was positive, played hard, got open, and did not get targeted. Of course, that may not sway the opinions of many, who are trying to rationalize and make sense over the ineptness of the LA Rams offense in 2022, an offense that has historically been the strength of this team.

The trick for anyone wanting to trade or cut him is the sheer cost to do so. What can the Rams hope to get in return for a wide receiver who is waived after just one season? By doing so, will fans suddenly see a void in the Rams roster without a true WR2? Measure twice, cut once. I'm not convinced that the problem is Allen Robinson nor that the problem is not fixable. By bringing back Robinson for another go at it, we'll know the answers.