6 (failed) LA Rams experiments that deserve a 2023 mulligan

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Rookie RB Kyren Williams as RB2

There will be a recurring theme in this article, so I may as well come out and admit that the Rams need to give rookies who were hampered by injuries in 2022 a clean slate to earn playing time in the 2023 NFL season. One such player who deserves that mulligan is running back Kyren Williams. He was injured twice in 2022. The first injury occurred in training camp, derailing his ability to get repititions and learn the offense. His second injury occurred in the first game of the 2022 NFL season, when he was injured on special teams.

There is typically a bit of hype from the LA Rams coaching staff over young rookies in their first training camp. Perhaps all of that positive messaging is intended to encourage a young player who is new and unfamiliar with the NFL. But there were numerous reports out of training camp that built huge expectations for rookie RB Kyren Williams that truly never happened. But don't sour on the guy just yet. WIthout Darrell Henderson Jr. creating an impasse at opportunities at carrying the football, I believe that Kyren Williams can deliver on those expectations, albeit a year later.

Is he a 1000 yard rusher? While that is a possibility, I don't believe that is the objective for this second year player. Much like Henderson's role before him, Williams is a fast offensive weapon who is intended to attack defensive perimeters and secondaries with his small frame, his nimble style of running, and his blazing speed. He is one of multiple counters to the ever hastening pass rush that the Rams continue to face each season.

While he only added 139 rushing yards in 2022, and 76 receiving yards, the offense can stand to improve significantly just by keeping Kyren Williams healthy and suited up. He may be a smallish running back, but let's see what he brings to the table when he is not trying to figure out the NFL and the LA Rams organization alongside his role on offense. It may be that he will still need to find his way in 2023. But I for one believe that he should be given every opportunity to do so this season.