6 (failed) LA Rams experiments that deserve a 2023 mulligan

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Rookie Logan Bruss competing for a starting spot on the OL

Despite all of the unbridled enthusiasm after the LA Rams drafted offensive lineman Logan Bruss, the impact of Bruss on the Rams season in his rookie season was . . . forgettable. Even if he had struggled playing, that would have been far better than sitting out an entire season and watching his teammates try to hold it together, and falling to injuries themselves.

Will that provide incentive for Bruss to return to the Rams training camp more determined than ever? Well, rookie offensive linemen must not only learn everything else that rookies must learn, but it's imperative that they learn everything that they can about their fellow offensive linemen. Not only are they all in competition for playing time, but the guy who you were in direct competition with last week may become the guy who lines up next to you this week.

We touched base over the challenges of severely injured offensive lineman Logan Bruss competing for a starting role on the Rams' offensive line in 2023. It could be that coming off such a serious knee injury, Bruss may need another season simply to rehab his injury and build up the necessary strength to compete on the NFL offensive line. On the other hand, the Rams should be open-minded to the possibility that Bruss may be ready to go in OTAs or training camp, and should avoid the past practices of designating who starts until seeing how well each offensive lineman can play.

Rookies do not arrive in the NFL as plug-and-play. It's a new team, new coaches, new strategy, and new teammates. That is particularly true of NFL offensive linemen, whose ability to communicate and coordinate both pass and run blocking against a wide variety of fronts, stunts, rushers, and stuffers will test even the most talented individuals. Even if the LA Rams do draft offensive linemen, they may or may not be ready to start in the NFL when the season starts. But Logan Bruss, coming back for his second season, just might.