6 (failed) LA Rams experiments that deserve a 2023 mulligan

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The truth of the matter is that at a time when the LA Rams truly held the opportunity for second-year defensive lineman Bobby Brown III to step up in a big way and carve out a role for himself in the Rams defensive line rotation, he was found to be in violation of the NFL's substance policy and was suspended for six games.

When he finally did suit up, he was well behind the level of his peers, and only saw the football field for 164 defensive snaps. In that limited playing time, he did put up eight tackles, one tackle for a loss, three quarterback hurries and three quarterback pressures. The trouble is, can the Rams truly assess whether he is capable of stepping up into a significantly larger role for the defense in 2023 on just 164 defensive snaps?

I still hold out hope for big numbers from Bobby Brown III, albeit this will be the third year of his rookie contract. The guy has flashed an ability to shed blockers and stuff the run and has even shown signs of pressuring the quarterback in a very limited number of defensive snaps. Right now, I'm not confident that the Rams will seek extensions with either veteran DL Greg Gaines or A'Shawn Robinson, which automatically places Brown in the best position to earn a starting role in 2023.

That is not to say that he will earn more playing time through longevity. Brown is entering his third NFL season, the year when the game slows down for younger players and consequently the production will go up. Brown has been a bit of a blocker gobbler for the Rams so far. But he may be unleashed this season. If he is, I believe that he will get to the quarterback more than many may expect. He simply needs to get the opportunity to do so. I think the Rams may give him that chance, and be thrilled for doing so.