6 projected Day 2 targets for LA Rams in talent-packed draft

The LA Rams may have a Round 1 pick for the 1st time since 2016. But three picks on Day 2 is where the action is, and here are 6 targets the team may select in Rounds 2 and 3
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With the 99th overall pick of the 2024 NFL Draft, the LA Rams select . . .

If the LA Rams wish to add to their potent offense, then Notre Dame running back Audric Estime makes a lot of sense near the end of Round 3. Standing 5-foot-11 and weighing 221 pounds, Estime adds a bit of thunder to go with the lightning-strike running of former teammate Kyren Williams. It was the selection of Williams by the Rams that opened the door for Audric Estime's powerful running to show up so large in 2022 and 2023.

NFL Draft Buzz. 84. Audric Estime draft profile. NFL Draft profile. player. Notre Dame. Audric Estime. 51. Audric Estime. Running back

Estime loves to make contact and run through would-be tacklers. While he may not put up 90-yard touchdown runs, his punishing north-south style of running is just as effective, pummeling defenders and leaving them sorely aware that he is a tough runner to tackle. As far as the red zone? He can't be stopped near the goal line, putting up 18 touchdowns in 2023 alone. He even adds the potential to be a dangerous receiver out of the backfield, and even a return guy on special teams.

This Cougar is snarling good

If the LA Rams wish to top off a solid addition to defense, then former Washington State safety Jaden Hicks is a great way to cap Day 2 of this draft. There is a great deal to love about Hicks, and his availability late in Round 3 will seem like a steal midway through the 2024 NFL season. Hicks is a 6-foot-2 211-pound defensive back who looks every bit like an inside linebacker who plays with the coverage skills of a cornerback. And it's his inherent versatility that makes him such a valuable addition to this secondary.

NFL Draft Buzz. Washington State. Jaden Hicks. player. NFL Draft profile. Defensive back. Jaden Hicks. Rd 4. 51. Jaden Hicks draft profile

Hicks is the defensive equivalent of WR Cooper Kupp. A workaholic prospect from a smaller college football program whose mindset is about becoming the best player he can become, and letting others decide whether or not to shine the spotlight in his direction.

Hicks can do it all on defense: Tackles, quarterback sacks, interceptions, break up passes, and even return interceptions for scores. He has a great nose for the football, and seems to show up when his team needs a momentum-changing play. He is fearless, ruthless, and tireless.

Three picks, six options. Of course, there will be other options as well. And just in case you wondered, in the mock draft simulations run for this exercise, I selected UCLA edge rusher Laiatu Latu with the 19th overall pick.

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