6 waived players who Rams fans are still buzzing about

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IV: K Brett Maher

Without a kicker on the Rams roster, this team is no longer in a position to be finicky or shop around. This team needs to add a veteran player who can become a plug and play solution. And after trading for a kicker, the Denver Broncos proceeded to waive their kicker.

And we are not the only ones to notice:

Maher is a four-year veteran who has been steadily improving each season. In 2022, he put up his best numbers of his career for the Dallas Cowboys, kicking field goals with a 90.6 percent accuracy. The Rams need kicker. Maher needs a job.

III: DT Justin Ellis or DT Danny Shelton

To shore up what could be a very challenging task of shutting down opposing offenses running attacks, the LA Rams would not be out of line to consider bringing in a big ole veteran nose tackle to stuff the run and gobble up those blockers. Either former New York Giants nose tackle Justin Ellis (9-year veteran, 6-foot-2 and 350 pounds) or former Kansas City Chiefs nose tackle Danny Shelton (8-year veteran, 6-foot-2 and 345 pounds) can accomplish that task very well.

With either option, the Rams have an opportunity to shut down power rushing attempts between the tackles but sticking a human fireplug into the defensive front. While they may not be a four-down starter, both have flourished in a rotational role on NFL defenses in the past. And as a bonus, either veteran is capable of putting pressure on opposing quarterbacks.