7 dream extensions that will happen with latest Rams salary cap figures

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I: Keystone for the 2024 offensive line

If you thought the lobbying to resign IOL Kevin Dotson was significant before, then you had better brace for the new wave of outcries to extend him in light of the new NFL 2024 salary cap numbers. The biggest challenge for the Rams front office is to get his extension agreed to and executed before the start of the 2024 NFL Free Agency market. If he tests the waters of his fair market value, he may be lured away by a bigger offer.

Even with more money to spend, one of the secrets to the Rams success has been their discipline to not get swept up in bidding wars for a player which leads to overpaying him and deep regrets down the road. The Rams lost out on extending OLB Von Miller because he agreed to more guaranteed money to play for the Buffalo Bills. That seemed like a huge loss to the team at the time, but in light of Millers injury, it proved to be one of those situations that worked out for the best.

The team's 2023 offensive line performance was admirable since the five starters were finally able to establish solid continuity and communication for the second half of 2023. So it falls to reason that to improve in 2024, retaining players to extend that continuity would be the best option. Of course, that all depends on the asking price from Dotson's agent.

The FMV for Dotson is highly speculative right now. Some view the cost of his extension to fall at $6 million APY, while others have assessed a cost of $18 million APY. I cannot see the team paying that must for an offensive guard, so I split the difference. With a deep draft loaded with interior offensive linemen, I believe that $12 million average per year is enough to get this extension done.

Likely extension terms: Three years $36 million