7 LA Rams sneak preview keys for mandatory minicamp in mid June 2024

Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Miller Forristall
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Miller Forristall / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Football is back, well, in part. For the LA Rams football team, any chance to get the pigskin back into the hands of players and whistles hanging from the necks of coaches is always a great development. After all, the 2023 NFL season, as successful as it was, still feels as though this team left the post-season party prematurely. The Rams felt like a red-hot team that actually matched up rather well with NFC Playoff teams. If not for falling just shy of the game on the road against a very emotionally charged Detroit Lions team by one point.

Have the Rams done enough to meet and overcome that type of challenge this season? Of course, everything is speculation in the NFL. But I don't think that anyone can point at GM Les Snead and the entire personnel department and question why they didn't do more. From free agency to the NFL draft to signing collegiate free agents after the draft, almost every action taken seems to have a lot of strategy and thought behind them.

The team has managed to navigate OTAs, a huge step towards installing the 2024 NFL season playbook for all of the team's new faces. It's clear that the team's pace of progress this year is a step ahead of 2023's pace. And it's also quite obvious that the Rams have kept the principles of adding very passionate players to this roster.

"Here is the deal, I am good. Just make sure they care."

All-Pro DT Aaron Donald

It's one thing for a coach or a scout to approach a player and advise a rookie prospect to care about the game of football. But it's an entirely different matter altogether to have a living football legend like LA Rams All-Pro Aaron Donald ask that of players who have and will join the team after him.

This Rams roster feels as supercharged as a summer night's electrical storm, with flashes of brilliance appearing from anywhere and in such frequency that you may find it difficult to stay focused long enough on any one player. So, it the spirit of helping fans follow the fast-paced action, here are highlights of a sneak preview of the Rams Mandatory Minicamp this week: