7 LA Rams sneak preview keys for mandatory minicamp in mid June 2024

Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Miller Forristall
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Miller Forristall / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Sneak Preview V: Rookies roles in 2024

It may have shocked some NFL analysts as well as Rams fans, but the rookie class of 2023 was an outstanding display of just how effectively the scouting team and personnel department meticulously managed to draft incredibly productive rookie prospects out from under the noses of 31 other NFL teams. Frankly, I believe that the 2024 rookie class may be just as, if not more, productive for the team.

I would love to shower you with a novella of reasons why the addition of former Florida State Seminoles defensive duo Jared Verse and Braden Fiske is such an inspired out-of-the-box maneuver by the team, but perhaps now is a good time to hit pause on my enthusiasm and let their performance catch up to and exceed this optimism.

And to be honest, the Rams rookies' roles have yet to be defined. But I expect plenty of positive reports about them as news starts to surface. After all, the first impression of what these rookies bring to the team feels like a well-measured fit for what the team needs and wants to do this season. Powered by passionate players, good things are bound to be the outcome.

So far, we've seen the individual pieces. Now, assembling players into depth groups begins. We will start to see images form for the team over which player gets more reps with starters, how does the team deploy the vast array of defensive backs, tight ends, running backs, and virtually every other position battle.

Competition is heating up.