7 LA Rams sneak preview keys for mandatory minicamp in mid June 2024

Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Miller Forristall
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Miller Forristall / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Sneak Preview IV: Sample some sub packages

Speculation is something that we cannot help doing as the offseason progresses. As fans learn of players who stand out, there is a normal reaction of trying to project those positive reports into what may occur in the regular season. Sometimes, reality falls short of positive projections. But on the other hand, sometimes the reality far outpaces even the loftiest of optimistic expectations.

So, how can we distinguish between the two at this early stage?

The trick is to keep one foot on the ground. Even as you hope for positives from players, keep in mind to ground yourself to realistic hopes. Disappointment in a player is less about what the player actually does and more about what we believed and expected them to do.

So too do we have our preferences over what the team runs in terms of sub-packages. Will this be the year for the team to use 12-personnel sub packages more frequently on offense? With the team seeking greater pressure on quarterbacks, will the team flex into more frequent use of four down linemen? Will the team enhance pass coverage assignments by deploying more nickel and dime defensive back sub-packages?

Perhaps most of all, which players will be featured at key roles for these sub-packages?

The Rams have a number of realistic options embedded in the 2024 roster. Much of the fun in mandatory minicamp and eventually training camp will be deciphering which players will be involved in which new wrinkles this season.