7 LA Rams sneak preview keys for mandatory minicamp in mid June 2024

Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Miller Forristall
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Miller Forristall / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Sneak Preview II: Rams rotations

One of the areas that I am most interested in will be the pace at which the Rams rotations take place. With 90 players all vying to get reps, make plays, bond with teammates, and impress coaches, the rate at which drills occur is a rather important detail.

If the rotations occur too rapidly, will players who need to make an impression on coaches to move up the raw but forming depth charts even be a possibility? After all, players need some continuity to adapt to and manage their actions. So moving in and out with short bursts of reps is not ideal. But if the rotations are not rapid enough, or too rigid, then players who need more work simply spend too much time waiting for their turn.

Throughout OTAs, we had learned that the Rams were cautious with several key starters for the upcoming season. That could prove to be a good thing, and every player behind them on the depth chart was able to absorb those reps while the starter rested. There is never a lack of players hoping for a greater number of opportunities.

Another area of interest is how coaches mix and match players in drills and practices. Will second-year RB Zach Evans get some reps with the offensive line starters. Who will QB Jimmy Garoppolo throw to, and how often? Is second-year QB Stetson Bennett getting work with starting receivers? How often does second-year tight end Davis Allen work on running routes?

There is a lot to learn simply from the cadence of the rate and configuration of Rams rotations.