7 LA Rams who desperately need a strong effort against Raiders

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VII: DT Bobby Brown IIII

When the LA Rams drafted Bobby Brown III, the young man had a solid reputation as a Texas Tornado. But since arriving to the NFL, he's been more like overcast clouds than thunder and lightening. That has to change for the young man, and quickly.

While he will certainly make the LA Rams roster, and will have significant role in the LA Rams defensive line rotation, he needs to show up in huge fashion, beginning with this year. He has had struggles in the past two seasons in terms of smooth and routine development through training camp to and through the regular season.

In his rookie year, he suffered an injury that derailed his development timetable, limiting him to almost a cameo role on the Rams rotation. In his second season, he was suspended for six games to start the season due to violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy. That has all but stunted his growth and development for the team until now.

Time for better preseason performance

So far, Brown has played 10 defensive snaps in his first preseason game, and generated just one tackle. While that may not be as much of a shortfall to sound the alarms, it was clear that the LA Rams run defense did not show up as expected in the first preseason game.

It was after that game that many fans believed and commented on the fact that the LA Rams may need to invest in adding a veteran nose tackle to the team's roster. That would not only mean that Bobby Brown III would fall on the team's depth chart, but would also translate into the Rams defense being delayed while a new player acclimates to the team strategy and his teammates.

In two NFL seasons, Bobby Brown III has nine tackles and no quarterback sacks. That has to change, and change quickly if he is to have a long NFL career.