7 LA Rams who desperately need a strong effort against Raiders

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VI: RB Royce Freeman

The LA Rams room full of competent running backs for the 2023 NFL season is loaded with talent. While the team sat both RB Cam Akers and RB Kyren Williams in the first preseason game, the Rams did get a lot of work out of RB Ronnie Rivers, rookie Zach Evans, and veteran Royce Freeman.

But when you examine the LA Rams roster more closely, you can pair up Zach Evans as a natural backup to featured running back Cam Akers. Likewise, you can pair up Ronnie Rivers as a natural backup to change-of-pace running back Kyren Williams. But there is no such power back on the Rams roster who fills the short-yardage, move-the-pile role on the team like Royce Freeman.

And that concerns me.

More power in the running game

It's been a bit frustrating at time to cheer for the LA Rams roster in regular season games as the team gets a lead and simply needs to control the clock and move the chains. But inevitably, the Rams smaller running backs attack the perimeter or attempt to run between the tackles with no effect. A big burly back like 6-foot-0 238-pound veteran running back like Royce Freeman certainly could come in handy in those short yardage, grind it out scenarios.

But only if he makes the LA Rams roster. Right now, that is not likely.

In the first preseason contest, Royce Freeman was on the football field for 29 offensive snaps. He carried the football seven times for 26 yards and one touchdown. While that was a solid showing for a back of his size, I'm not convinced that it was enough to secure a spot on the team. In my opinion, that simply won't do.

The LA Rams roster needs a power back, and Royce Freeman is the only game in town. That means that he has to do better, and make an undefeatable case that he deserves to be on the Rams this season.