7 LA Rams who desperately need a strong effort against Raiders

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IV: OT Warren McClendon

While the LA Rams may not view rookie offensive tackle Warren McClendon as a starting offensive tackle, Rams fans know all too well just how quickly that status can change. Coming off a season with the Rams playing 15 different offensive linemen over the course of a single season, it seems as though no depth is deep enough in terms of offensive linemen.

And so, the LA Rams need more than just the best five iteration on the roster to start this season. The LA Rams need to have the best five starters, and the most competent and versatile offensive linemen backing them up. Right now, Warren McClendon is competing for that second category.

The Rams offensive line starters appear to be Alaric Jackson, Steve Avilla, Coleman Shelton, Tremayne Anchrum Jr., and Rob Havenstein. But behind them we have Joe Noteboom, Brian Allen, Logan Bruss as likely backups. That is not great news for rookie OT Warren McClendon.

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McClendon may have a shot

But McClendon had a solid performance in his first preseason game. In fact, he had 56 offensive snaps, and played very well for the Rams in the game:

McClendon is a rookie who had to fend off a minor injury in training camp. But it's easy to ignore the fact that he was one of the reasons for Georgia to win back to back NCAA Championships. He made it his purpose to keep defenders from getting to his quarterback, Stetson Bennett. And now, in the NFL, it seems that he has picked up right where he left off.

Offensive linemen are awfully difficult to track until the season starts. They do not show up in the post-game box scores, and unless you are tracking them play by play during the game, it's very easy for them to be placed on the backburner in favor of great runs, passes, receptions, and tackles.

Warren McClendon had a solid debut in preseason so far. But if he hopes to make the Rams 53-man roster, he will need to step his game up in a big way.