7 NFL Draft moves from NFC West Division rivals that should alarm Rams fans

2024 NFL Draft
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IV-I: 4 draft moves by Arizona Cardinals that could pose problems

The Arizona Cardinals did not exactly have a great season in 2023. In fact, it was the Cardinals 4-13 finish last year that catapulted the team to the top of the 2024 NFL Draft. But this was a team that had fallen to a 2-10 record, but won two of their last five games of the season to show that they still have a pulse. Now, after an impressive 2024 rookie draft class, they hope to expand on that modest success in a similar fashion to the Rams in 2023.

TE Tip Reiman

Wile I concede that 6-foot-5 271-pound former Illinois tight end Tip Reiman is more blocker than pass catcher, I love the strategy of placing him into any NFL offense. What is the value of an extra NFL offensive tackle who is a perpetual eligible receiver who can catch the football? With a mobile veteran quarterback who is oft-injured like Cardinals QB Kyler Murray, it could make a huge difference.

Reiman's true value in this offense is his blocking ability. If he can catch passes too, that is icing on the cake.

DB 'Mad' Max Melton

Former Rutgers cornerback 'Mad' Max Melton is an intriguing curiosity from the nickname alone. Standing 5-foot-11 and weighing 187 pounds, Melton is a versatile ball-hawking defensive back who can line up outside or in the slot and be equally effective. He played four seasons at Rutgers and snagged eight interceptions in his final three seasons. He has relied on blazing speed to outclass college receivers and needs to refine his coverage skills to compete in the NFL. But he has the chops to play great football.

DE Darius Robinson

The Rams had a fit for DE Darius Robinson, but simply ran out of early picks to select him. As it turned out, he was chosen by the Cardinals in Round 1. Standing 6-foot-5 and weighing 285 pounds, this former Missouri Tiger is a versatile down defensive lineman who offers strong attributes in both run and pass defense. I won't go so far to say that he will explode into the NFL like Rams NT Kobie Turner, but he has the opportunity to make his presence felt. The Cardinals remain confident in their ability to put points on the scoreboard, and want to invest in their defense to keep the scores close. Robinson is a good step in that direction.

WR Marvin Harrison Jr.

What do you get when you mix a diva quarterback like Kyler Murray with a diva wide receiver like Marvin Harrison Jr.? I have no idea, but I am not one who wanted to find out. There is no shortage of compliments for Marvin Harrison Jr., who was the consensus best NCAA wide receiver available for the 2024 NFL Draft, despite this class being one of the most deep and talented receiver groups in some time.

Standing 6-foot-3 and weighting 209 pounds, the former Ohio State receiver has it all. He has the NFL in his genetic code, is tall, powerful, productive, and incredibly talented. So what could go wrong?

There are those college players who have to work hard to earn playing time and respect in the NFL. I believe that journey is good for the players. In the case of Marvin Harrison Jr., he arrives with guaranteed playing time and respect, despite having earned none of it in the NFL just yet. Now, mix that with the history of QB Kyler Murray and his struggles to remain accountable despite poor performances against the LA Rams in the past, and you can see how the pair could be incredible together, or a complete train wreck.

The Cardinals' coaching staff will need to push the offense hard and ensure that they focus on the grind and not the spotlight to realize their true potential. I don't know if the Cardinals can pull that off. But, if they do, watch out NFL.

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