8 Rams who are already turning heads at OTAs

Los Angeles Rams Ryan Wendell, Steve Avila
Los Angeles Rams Ryan Wendell, Steve Avila / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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I: QB Stetson Bennett

Far too many have rushed to write off second-year quarterback Stetson Bennett. That is often a sign of good things to come. How so? Despite his absence from the team in the 2023 NFL season, Bennett was the only quarterback to be drafted by the team since the team hired HC Sean McVay in 2017. Whether or not you agree with his philosophy, McVay believes in giving young players every opportunity in their first four seasons to play at an NFL level of competition.

If the Rams had any reservations over Bennett for 2024, the entire organization missed a golden opportunity to add a quarterback to take Bennett's spot on the roster in the 2024 NFL Draft. The fact that the team did not add a young quarterback tells observant fans everything they need to know about Stetson Bennett and the team's plans for him this year.

Like it or not, Stetson Bennett is the de facto future quarterback of the LA Rams in 2024. Could that change? Certainly. But until it does, we have to accept the fact that the Rams starting quarterback this year is veteran Matthew Stafford, the backup quarterback (starting in Week 3) is Jimmy Garoppolo, ande the future quarterback is Stetson Bennett. Reserve QB Dresser Winn may be either a camp arm, or a developmental project for the future.

Until this season, the Rams coaching staff did not place a great deal of emphasis on hiring coaches who had the reputation of being quarterback whisperers. But the team recognized the need to address that role with the manner in which veteran quarterbacks Baker Mayfield showed up in 2022, and Carson Wentz showed up to beat the San Francisco 49ers in Week 18 of 2023, despite starting backups in that game.

So why am I talking about Stetson Bennett? Well, if you dial back to the OTA recap by DeMarco Farr and J.B. Long, they close with a little tidbit about what a great throw made by Stetson Bennett to finish up the first OTA session.

I think Bennett could make surprising progress this year. He is not just back, but he is rested and ready to go this year. Keep him on your radar.