9 best backup quarterbacks in Rams franchise history

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I: Kurt Warner

The epitome of Rams backup quarterback will forever be the legendary career of quarterback Kurt Warner. After all, how many NFL quarterbacks earn an NFL Hall of Fame honor after stocking shelves at a grocery store?

While he performed his miraculous ascension into the NFL's most incredible careers with the Saint Louis Rams, he NFL career from rags to riches is so universally applicable that he has become an inspiration for people around the world and far beyond the sport of professional football:

After appearing once for the Rams in 1998, the Rams were all set to run their offense with quarterback Trent Green under center. But a preseason ACL injury ended Green's season before it ever started, opening the door for Kurt Warner to get his chance with the St Louis Rams.

Despite his first season as an NFL starting quarterback, Warner clobbered the opposition, going on to a 13-3 record and the Rams first Super Bowl victory against the Tennessee Titans.

Warner would play a total of six seasons for the Rams, leading the team to a phenomenal 35-15 record. Even in six years, he ended as the sixth-highest passer in Rams history with 14,447 yards, 102 touchdowns, and just 65 interceptions. Warner would go on to play six more NFL seasons and proved that he was a durable player by revitalizing his career in five seasons with the Arizona Cardinals.

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No other NFL quarterback in the history of the sport has risen from grocery store clerk to Hall of Fame quarterback. Perhaps it only takes once to prove the point that anyone can achieve in the NFL if they apply themselves.