A final look at all 16 LA Rams very impressive UDFA signings

With training camp on the horizon, let's take a final look at a very impressive 16-player UDFA group for the Rams.
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Rams UDFA class getting noticed from multiple sources

While there is no shortage of analysis, instant grades, or commentary for NFL teams' results from the annual NFL draft, there are few who wade into the signings that occur after the NFL Draft. But one draft analyst, Thor Nystrom, has a reputation for giving solid analysis and quick feedback about college players who agree to terms with teams after the draft.

Nystrom has coined the name of the “Dessert Draft,” for the scramble of teams to sign college players after the draft concludes. Nystrom's efforts are a true labor of love, or as he cites in his article:

"Historically, UDFA provide the NFL with more aggregate value and snaps-played than sixth- and seventh-round prospects combined. The list of UDFA Hall of Famers includes Kurt Warner, John Randle, Warren Moon and Dick Night Train Lane. Austin Ekeler, Adam Thielen, and La el Collins are among a large list of UDFA-made-good stories currently in the NFL."

Thor Nystrom

While the Rams have good results, the team trusts their own optics in assessing college players, and deeply discount those measurables tracked at the annual NFL Scouting Combine and collegiate Pro Days. The team tends to focus on less athletically-noted prospects which has dropped the undrafted class to 24th place out of 32 teams. But Nystrom notes the success of the team with this unconventional method.

"They believe in their eye when watching film. They are said to love it when a player they like tests poorly – as it juices the odds he will fall to them at a discount. The seven UDFA that Los Angeles signed from my pre-draft 500 board are about as good a representation of this as you are going to find.

In short: Good college players whose measurables neutered their odds of getting picked. The Rams have gotten quite good at finding value with these types – the ones the rest of the NFL’s analytical departments eschews."

Thor Nystrom

Nystrom singles out the following rookies in his article:

  • Michigan DB Josh Wallace
  • Oklahoma State DE Anthony Goodlow
  • LSU ILB Omar Speights
  • Kansas DB Kenny Logan Jr.
  • Washington DL Tuli Letuligasenoa
  • Oklahoma WR Drake Stoops
  • Ohio WR Sam Wiglusz

We will be covering each player, and all UDFAs for that matter, in this article as a group, and will feature each UDFA prospect individually as well. But it is a nice statement early in the offseason process to discover that seven of the team's 16 undrafted college player signings were noted as promising. Now, let's size up these rookie players.