A final look at all 16 LA Rams very impressive UDFA signings

With training camp on the horizon, let's take a final look at a very impressive 16-player UDFA group for the Rams.
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Defense (10)

The Rams defense is pivoting to the specifications and philosophy of new DC Chris Shula. As with any change for a new coordinator, there is typically a saturation of new players who compete for roles that may or may not be clearly defined. For the Rams defense, the team seems to be comfortable with the depth of the outside lineback postion after the draft. The same cannot be said about defensive linemen, inside linebackers, or defensive backs.

Defensive linemen (3)

  • Central Missouri DT David Olajiga - 6-foot-3, 276 pounds
  • Oklahoma State DE Anthony Goodlow - 6-foot-5, 283 pounds
  • Washington DT Tuli Letuligasenoa - 6-foot-1, 292 pounds

The Rams are wise to fill their defensive linemen room for their 2024 training camp. Because this is Year 1 after the retirement of DT Aaron Donald, the coaching staff will need ever tool at their disposal to rework the defensive front this year. Even after the addition of DT Braden Fiske and Tyler Davis, there is plenty of room on the roster for more contributors. The group of rookies added after the draft are all promising, but I believe DE Anthony Goodlow has measurable probability of making the 53-man roster this season.

Linebacker (2)

  • LSU LB Omar Speights - 6-foot-1, 235 pounds
  • Marshall LB Elias Neal - 6-foot-0, 226 pounds

The Rams are committed to forging a defense that compliments the tough-minded tenacity of veteran ILB Ernest Jones. But the team has struggled to find the right player to pair with him. Either the player is out of position, not a sure-handed tackler, is a liability in pass coverage, unable to shed blockers, cannot stuff the run, or a combination of some or all of these traits.

The team did not address the need for Jones' partner during the 2024 NFL Draft, but both Omar Speights and Elias Neal offer some potential to be at lease a rotational contributor in 2024.

Defensive back (5)

  • Washington State DB Cam Lampkin - 5-foot-11, 173 pounds
  • SMU DB Charles Woods - 5-foot-11, 191 pounds
  • Tennessee DB Jaylen McCollough - 6-foot-0, 206 pounds
  • Michigan DB Josh Wallace - 6-foot-0, 190 pounds
  • Kansas DB Kenny Logan Jr. - 6-foot-0, 205 pounds

The Rams secondary lost four players via free agency, but the team quickly refilled all four vacancies by signing three veterans in the 2024 NFL Free Agency market and following up by drafting a very promising ball-hawking safety in Kamren Kinchens. After the draft, the Rams secondary appears to be comfortable at the safety position, but in need of some cornerback help.

While undrafted rookies may not rise to the level of Day 1 starters, they do give the roster an infusion of talent that can ensure quality depth throughout the season. Starting CB Darious Williams was originally an undrafted player signed by the Baltimore Ravens who was released and ultimately signed by the Rams.

Defensive backs offer the dual-benefit of not only player roles on defense, but offering upgrades in coverage and in return roles for special teams. Keep Kenny Logan Jr. on your radar scope, as he offers extensive experience and production to the return role.

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