A quick double-take on the initial LA Rams roster and likely depth chart

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Okay, so here we are, on the other side of the great chasm between summer training camp and an initial 53-man Rams roster. While some fans are already noticing the lack of development in the undrafted rookies this year, it's pretty obvious why that was, isn't it? After all, the LA Rams processed over half of their initial post-draft roster as rookies, drafted or not.

For the Rams organization that had already made sweeping changes to the coaching staff, 40+ rookies jumping aboard the Rams bus during OTAs and training camp was the equivalent of trying to get a drink of water from a fire hydrant. The task was so overwhelming that the Rams front office went to work to add additional veterans to help speed the process of OTAs and training camp along.

Were the Rams plans to reset the Rams roster to reach it's peak in 2024 overly ambitious? That is likely what really happened.

The Rams roster is at the 53-man limit, for now

There is always a bit of system shock and disorientation whenever the initial Rams roster is achieved. Either the LA Rams had released a player or two who had become fan favorites, or the Rams had retained a player or two against what we, as fans, had witnessed in brief glimpses from preseason games.

But the Rams did in fact arrive at their 53-player roster. Well, soon to be 52 players as soon as rookie outside linebacker Ochaun Mathis is officially registered on the LA Rams roster, and can be moved over to the Rams Injured Reserve (IR) list where he will remain for a minimum of four weeks.

So who is on the Rams initial 53 man roster? Here is the LA Rams official social media announcement:

So let's break this down a bit, starting with where did they come from?

  • UDFAs - 1 (Alex Ward)
  • 2023 NFL Draft - 14 (all drafted rookies)
  • Trade - 2 (Hunter Long, Kevin Dotson)
  • Free Agency - 3 (Ahkello Witherspoon, John Johnson III, Demarcus Robinson)
  • Returning Veterans - 33 (the remaining 53)