A quick double-take on the initial LA Rams roster and likely depth chart

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Special Teams depth (2)

Where does the Rams roster stand right now? The Rams clearly need a kicker, but LA Rams HC Sean McVay assures everyone that a kicker will be on the roster for Week 1. Still, that is the type of vacancy that truly can spell trouble down the road for this Rams season. So what do we know about special teams?

Well, we know that punter Ethan Evans is indeed the real deal. He booms his kicks into orbit consistently, and we can expect his ability to pin opponents within their own 20-yard line will only improve as the 2023 season progresses. While we did not see the Rams return specialists in action, we have to be a bit confident in the knowledge that the Rams have vetted both and they passed with flying colors.

  1. Punter (1) - Ethan Evans
  2. Kickers (0) - TBD
  3. Long Snapper (1) - Alex Ward
  4. KR/PR (2) - WR Puka Nacua (PR), RB Kyren Williams (KR)

Um . . . what about that goose egg for the kicker position?

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Rams kicker and Practice Squad possibilities

So what do we know about the LA Rams kicker position? While he did not make the LA Rams roster, I believe that the team will bring back Tanner Brown to the Rams practice squad. Kickers are notoriously inconsistent in their first season, and the Rams had to anticipate that possibility. Whatever you may think of the young kicker, rest assured that kickers are far more consistent in their second NFL season.

With a kicker on the practice squad, the LA Rams open the starting kicker role to both veterans and rookies alike, with the most likely option being a tried and tested veteran kicker. To get a feel of just who is available, you can click on this link to see the list of available free-agent kickers per Spotrac.com

Keep in mind that, due to over 1000 players being released simultaneously, the list in incomplet. But it does list some of the more prominent veteran kickers who are still in need of an NFL team.