A special Fathers' Day tribute anthology of LA Rams Dads heartfelt moments

Andrew Whitworth, Los Angeles Rams
Andrew Whitworth, Los Angeles Rams / Ric Tapia/GettyImages

It's June 16, 2024, and a day that the nation pauses to honor our fathers, past and present. It's simply a moment in our lives to pause, ponder, and to be thankful for persons who have made significant contributions in our lives. Whether we have those cherished memories that we carry with us throughout our lives of a special time of encouragement, reassurance, or simply confidence in us, fathers continue to play vital roles in our lives.

To illustrate what I man, rather than write out an entire soliloquy about the topic, I prefer to show what I mean by sharing special moments of Rams players demonstrating the noble and fantastic qualities of fatherhood.

My first exhibit is the post-game scene of veteran left tackle Andrew Whitworth, who took the opportunity immediately after winning Super Bowl LVI to sit down on the football field and tell his children that he was retiring, stepping away from the game of football, and that he planned to spend more time with his children.

What a great way to make something so significant all about his children:

Perhaps even more special is the fact that he shared a story about the loss in Super Bowl LIII in which he captured the valuable opportunity in that heartbreaking loss to use as a life lesson for his children. How many of us could turn disappointment instantly into a lifelong memory for our children?

Of course, he was not the only 'dad' to share the moment with his family. Veteran defensive back Eric Weddle came out of his two-year retirement to compete with the Rams that season in the NFL Playoffs. He too found the moment to be less about football, and more about his children and family:

Of course, it needn't be about winning Super Bowls to warrant sharing a passion for football with children. At the 2024 LA Rams OTA family day, Head Coach Sean McVay sets aside his passion for football to share the moment with his newborn son. Jordan John McVay. Anyone want to guess whether or not young Jordan McVay will become an NFL coach someday?

Even Rams legends of the past put fatherhood on full display. In this video sample, former Rams legendary quarterback Kurt Warner is filmed in pregame display of catch the football with his son, San Antonio Brahmas WR Kade Warner:

Of course, celebrating fatherhood and Father's Day is not something new for Rams left tackle Andrew Whitworth. Just after signing with the LA Rams as a free agent in 20217, he was featured in the team's video by taking his family to Disneyland. Even as a veteran offensive tackle, he ensured that his family was placed on prominent display to fans. They are as important to him now as then:

Of course, any article featuring the NFL, Father's Day, and fathers in general can never be complete without taking the time to acknowledge the game played by then Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre on the day after his father passed away. In that game, he played a nearly flawless game, as you can see in the video tribute below:

The NFL has a natural affinity to fathers and Father's Day, as the sport is so very popular in the nation. In the history of the game, and of the LA Rams, many players have put on display the best qualities of fatherhood. It is a special tradition that I hope continues for many years to come.

As always, thanks for reading.