Aaron Donald, Joe Noteboom chip in to help rally Rams roster for SB run

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Aaron Donald
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Aaron Donald / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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Noteboom returns at a better value

The Rams rumors continued for weeks over the team's efforts to bring swing tackle Joe Noteboom's salary more in line with the role that the team projects for him in 2024. With teammate Alaric Jackson as the presumed starting left tackle, Noteboom's role as swing tackle for this upcoming season places his value at substantially less than a $20 million hit in 2024.

Finally, the team and player have agreed to what that new contract should look like.

So what does Noteboom's new deal look like? Per Over the Cap.com, the new contract has pulled his $20 million hit down to a far more manageable $11.6 million hit. That is still a bit on the high end of where I anticipated his salary range to fall. But he is unquestionably a solid first-responder to fill in for any Rams offensive lineman injury, and he has done a remarkable job when plugged in and asked to compete at any number of positions.

That has allowed the team to shave $8.4 million off their 2024 salary cap, While that may not seem like a copious amount, it's a vital component that will allow the team to fit everyone under the 2024 cap ceiling.