Agent 0 already raving about former Seminoles teammate Jared Verse

Second year star Byron Young is already paying it forward with rookie teammate Jared Verse, and the results are already showing.
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout, Jared Verse
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout, Jared Verse / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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Rams defensive players remain resolute on these key qualities

The Rams pass rush is not held in high regard as analysts and NFL media pivots to projections for the 2024 NFL season. After all, among the competitors, this arrangement of outside linebackers and defensive linemen comprises one of the youngest units in the entirety of the NFL. That has compelled analysts to shy away from expecting big things from this group. Despite the abundance of youth in this group, l disagree with modest expectations in 2024. The front office has been shrewd in assembling the roster with complementary players, as this is a young defense that shares three very important traits:

  • Passion - The front office continues to load up with players who love this game for the game itself. While that may not stand out, it shows up on the football field. This is a team that loves the chance to play and does not seek out the spotlight. As a result, players like Byron Young are giving their all, knowing that eventually, good things will happen.
  • Hunger - One of the greatest concerns that I cannot shake about rookies who have success in collegiate football is how can they sustain a hunger for the game of football. After all, it's difficult to sustain an unrequited appetite in the NFL after reaching the pinnacle of success in the NCAA arena. Once college players reach the bright spotlights, it can be difficult to plunge into the shadows once more. Worse yet, some are touted as a Top-10 performer in the NFL without a single snap. The Rams players are certainly not showing any signs of overconfidence this year.
  • Work ethic - The LA Rams roster continues to embody the outstanding work ethic that was the trademark of both All-Pro defensive tackle Aaron Donald and former Rams DL Coach Eric Henderson.

What this team may lack in terms of long-standing experience, the players have rapidly become family. the qualities and characteristics of a 'team,' shine forth in the interview of Byron Young. What do I mean? A group becomes a team when players are so confident in themselves that they are generous with complimenting the qualities of others. Take note of how generous Byron Young expresses praise of his teammates and coaches.

Confidence in players is a crucial quality for cohesion, communication, and confidence. That will bode well for the 2024 NFL season.