Another coach rumored to be joining Rams staff

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The LA Rams seldom confirm singular positional coach hirings, preferring instead to fill all vacancies and then announce all hirings, promotions, and restructuring of the team's coaching staff simultaneously. But hat does not mean that the coaches themselves, or their agents, are obliged to remain silent. Such may be the case now, as rumors are multiplying that the team has hired an Assistant Special Teams Coach for the upcoming 2024 NFL season.

While few fans will get excited over the hiring of an Assistant Special Teams Coach, this offseason could be an exception. In many ways, the LA Rams special teams struggled mightily in 2023, and there is hope that the right synergy by adding a complementary coach could aid the team in turning the corner. One lesson hammered home repeatedly in Super Bowl LVIII is the difference a kicker can make in high-profile football games.

And so, before the team enters the 2024 NFL Free Agency market with a shopping list of positions to reinforce, or the 2024 NFL Draft with a wish list of starters to identify and select from the hundreds of college hopefuls, the team must first get its house in order by ensuring the right coaches are in place to welcome them, and prepare them to succeed on the Rams roster.

Right now, the coaching staff appears to be filling up, one hire at a time. So, who is rumored to become the newest member of the LA Rams coaching staff? None other than Kansas State special teams coach Chili Davis.

If rumors are true, then Chili Davis was not the only coach interviewed by the Rams for their Assistant Special Teams Coach Position. If you recall, the role was vacated by former Coach Jeremy Springer, who was surprisingly hired by the New England Patriots to become their new Special Teams Coordinator. There were rumors reported recently about the team interviewing ST Coach Ricky Brumfield for the vacated position. While Brumfield seemed to excel in many areas that would benefit the Rams instantly, he was not hired. So what can we dig up to share about the successful candidate Chili Davis?

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