Another coach rumored to be joining Rams staff

Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
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III: Davis has 11 years of ST coaching experience

The first stop for any new hire is to assess their background. In short, what attracted the LA Rams coaching staff and front office to this candidate, and what do they envision in him as they add him to the team? Well, he has had a variety of coaching roles in his career, and has been one of the rising stars among NCAA coaching circles.

Davis began his coaching career in 2013 when he accepted a role as assistant to the head coach for the Campbell Camels. He had oversight as the video coordinator, as well as quality control for both offense and special teams. In 2015, he agreed to coach running backs for Louisiana Tech. In 2016, he became the cornerbacks coach for Fordham. In 2017, he was a graduate assistant coach for New Mexico State.

He remained at New Mexico State and assumed the role of coaching inside receivers and tight ends from 2018 through 2020. In 2021, he moved on to become the special teams analyst for the University of Washington. In 2022, he moved again, this time to Florida A&M, where he was their special teams coordinator. While there, he coached his kicker, Jose Romo-Martinez, and punter, Chris Faddoul, to earn conference honors and HBCU All-America honors.

Perhaps the key to it all is the fact that the 2023 performance of Kansas State's special teams was rock solid. The special teams were struggling to answer questions as the unit neared 2023. Well, those worries faded quickly, as Kansas State's special teams were truly special. In one game, the Wildcats blocked an extra point, which was scooped up by CB Keenan Garber and returned 91 yards for a defensive extra point.

That is the type of play that would electrify Rams fans at SoFi Stadium in 2024.

Okay, so the guy has a solid resume. But what about this man should get Rams fans excited? Well, he checks those boxes too.