Another coach rumored to be joining Rams staff

Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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II: Coach Davis has plenty of energy and a vision for ST players

When it comes to coaches, there are any number of versions of personality traits that can work. But for the LA Rams coaching staff, it takes more than just showing up, grabbing a clipboard, blowing a whistle on the practice field, and working on the whiteboard for an extra hour or two.

The tone for the Rams coaching staff is set by head coach Sean McVay, a guy whose passion for football has been reignited, and whose knowledge of the game is such that he never seems to fail at recollecting a play scenario from any game he has coached. He knows the down and distance, the play called, the defensive tactics used to counter the offense, and the result of the play.

And that his the bar for candidates to successfully be hired to this team's coaching staff.

For starters, the team loves to encourage teamwork, and you can see that Coach Chile Davis is solidly on board that mentality.

But what makes him an ideal candidate? Well, I uncovered a treasure trove of great information about Coach Chili Davis from The Mercury's writer Tim Everson, who sprinkled in some great quotes about Coach Davis from Kansas State Head Coach Chris Klieman.

"I love Chili’s passion. Absolutely passionate guy about special teams. When we interviewed him, there was a lot of common terms that he had that I had and my beliefs kind of matched his beliefs and I thought it was interesting because Chili wanted to make sure he was going to a place where special teams was important."

Kansas St HC Chris Klieman

That right there was enough to give me complete understanding why he was hired by the Rams. But there is more to love about him.