Another coach rumored to be joining Rams staff

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I: Coach Davis understands what it takes to succeed on special teams

The belief that coaching more than makes up for sub-optimal talent is not an opinion that I share. Having said that, there is the other side of the spectrum that believes that any player who is talented will be successful regardless of schemes or coaches involved. True success is a harmony of many different factors. Perhaps one of the least appreciated and understood is how some coaches can place their players into a better position to succeed.

From what Kansas State HC Chris Klieman had to say about Coach Chili Davis, he believes that Coach Davis is such a coach:

"He has come up with a couple of new wrinkles and schemes and techniques that all of us coaches are excited. He’s got great energy and (I’m) excited that he’s joined our family."

Kansas St Chris Klieman

That is pretty special testimony.


The path to earning a place on any roster, college or professional, is to earn enough respect among coaches that the player is deemed vital to the overall success of the team. Whether it was simply bad optics, or truly lackluster play, the Rams special teams seemed to suffer mental lapses at the worst time in 2024. Whether it was blocking on kicking or punting units, or tackling on coverage units, the team seemed to lose focus at times.

From what i can tell about Coach Davis, that is unlikely to happen in 2024:

Just like Coach Eric Henderson reinforced the grind for defensive line candidates at the mean to earn playing time, Coach Davis seems to embrace those same fundamental principles.

He knows how to reach players

Not every coach can reach players. And a coach cannot be expected to reach every players. But some coaches know how to communicate and motivate players better than others. With the exodus of Coach Henderson and Coach Morris to new opportunities, there is certainly a need to find new voices who can communicate and motivate on the Rams coaching staff.

From his social media work alone, it seems that Coach Chili Davis takes pride in his ability to reach and motivate his players.

I am not saying that Coach Davis walks on water. In fact, I'm pretty sure that he doesn't. But he could be just what is needed for the Rams special teams in 2024. The group certainly needs to gain confidence, and Coach Davis seems to have an ample supply of that going for him.

The Rams have not officially confirmed hiring Coach Davis. But when they do, I truly do believe that they hired the right man for the job.