Are LA Rams in the market for both OBJ /Robert Woods?

Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods,
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Okay, this may be the silly talk of the 2023 NFL offseason talking right now, but what would you think if the LA Rams offense sent out an empty backfield, and lined up WR Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, Odell Beckham Jr., Van Jefferson, and either Ben Skowronek or Tutu Atwell? Whether or not the Rams could run the football, that seems like an offense that would be near impossible to stop.

Of course, given enough time, NFL defenses would find a way to do so. But as the goal for the LA Rams in 2023 is to score more points, it seems to me that is one helluva way to do so. So why, if the LA Rams divesting of so many 30+ aged veterans, would the Rams have interest in the tried and true performances of two wide receivers, one of whom was traded away, and the other left to fend for himself when his contract expired?

In a quick summary, the LA Rams strayed in 2022, and are trying to return to LA Rams football in 2023.

Of course, the fact is that the Rams were nearly the most injured team in the NFL in 2022, and that played a huge role in the team ending the season with such a poorly performing offense, and a 5-12 record. But this is a team that has tapped out in terms of financial flexibility. As a result, the LA Rams appear to be willing to sacrifice competitiveness in 2023 for robust financial strength in 2024.

That LA Rams 2024 NFL Draft holds a first round pick

And while so many find the thought distasteful, I'm not at all convinced that a lack of competitiveness in 2023 will not somehow play into the LA Rams first round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, a draft already touted for multiple elite quarterback prospects.

To get there, the Rams must find some way to navigate their 2023 NFL season with limited free agency acquisitions, with limited draft picks, and without veteran defensive leadership that was incredibly vital for the team in ILB Bobby Wagner, and OLB Leonard Floyd. After all, the Rams are purging so many key contributors now in an effort to clear salary cap space, not for 2023, but rather for 2024.

Is there a chance for the LA Rams to sign either wide receiver Robert Woods, Odell Beckham Jr., or both? Of course. But the circumstances have to align with the LA Rams budget and intentions. In short, I believe that the Rams are more likely to pursue a one-year contract with either player, and fill the contract with performance incentives.

How active will LA Rams free agency be in 2023?

That is unlikely to attract OBJ, and may not be enough to lure Robert Woods. I don't think that the Rams can leverage their SB win or potential to compete in the post-season this year, so the Rams will need to win on financial attractiveness. Unfortunately, the Rams do not have the resources or flexibility to win a bidding war for players.

There are plenty of available veterans hitting free agency right now. And the Rams will certainly vet them all in the next two-three days. The LA Rams free agency can begin to negotiate and agree to terms with NFL free agents as early as 9:00 am PT on Monday, March 13, 2023.

I could be wrong, but the LA Rams seem to be retrenching, and unlikely to jump out early in the NFL Free Agency market this season. While the team will have plenty of roster holes to fill, the team will have plenty of options to do so leading up to the 2023 NFL Draft, and then after the draft by signing undrafted rookie free agents. If the Rams can add both Robert Woods and OBJ to the offense, I'm convinced that alone will electrify the fan base for the upcoming season.

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Anything is possible. But it just seems unlikely with the way current events are tracking. Stay tuned . . .