Are LA Rams RBs ready for the 2023 NFL season after the draft?

Ole Miss Zach Evans
Ole Miss Zach Evans / Tim Warner/GettyImages

Do you like where the LA Rams ground game is going now? That may seem like a loaded question, but that is not my intention. There have been some very strong and very passionate opinions regarding what the LA Rams need to do to 'fix the running game.' At times, it seems like the Rams have completely ignored the passionate pleas from the fans.

But this offseason has felt different in many ways. For starters, the Rams invested in an offensive lineman with the first pick in their respective drafts for the second consecutive year. That has to make fans feel better. And for the second year in a row, the Rams invested into a promising and talented rookie running back.

The LA Rams picked up RB Zach Evans late in Round 6 with the 215th overall pick during the 2023 NFL Draft. But is that enough for the 2023 NFL season? Well, if you look at the LA Rams' current running back situation, you will certainly find that the LA Rams have invested serious draft picks into the position.

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Zach Evans is a playmaker

Evans is a fairly dangerous offensives weapon whenever the football is in his hands. Even better, he gets those chances frequently, as he is adept both and running with the football and at catching the football when he swings out of the backfield.

Was there a reason why he was still on the board at 215? If there was, I really couldn't find one. He may not be a big bruiser who tilts the scales at 225+ pounds. But he can run between the tackles, can challenge defenses along the perimeter, and once he gets the football, he has a nasty habit of making defenders tackle the air around him.

Because he is a rookie, I am not going to go with my gut feeling that he will get his share of the carries this year. But the more I see of him, the more I struggle to contain my excitement and enthusiasm. I would have cheered to get this guy in Round 4. But landing him at the end of Round 6 blows my mind.

Are LA Rams RBs ready for the 2023 NFL season after the draft? If former Ole Miss running back Zach Evans delivers what I think he is capable of, then the answer is an emphatic Yes.