Are the LA Rams a team that nobody wants to face in post season?

Byron Young, Aaron Donald, Desjuan Johnson, Los Angeles Rams
Byron Young, Aaron Donald, Desjuan Johnson, Los Angeles Rams / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Very dangerous team

Since the BYE, the LA Rams are 4-1. The Rams offense is averaging nearly 30 points per game (against some of the toughest defenses in the NFL to boot). The Rams defense has allowed just over 21 points per game, which is slightly better than their season-long average. That's outstanding for a team that molted their veteran contributors in the offseason like a crab sheds its hard shell to allow for growth.

While this Rams team may have been a bit vulnerable earlier in the season like a soft-shelled crab, this team has been hardened and battle-tested to the point where the Rams may be the hottest team in the NFL. That theory will be put to the test on Thursday Night Football against the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints are not patsies. If they win, they will assume the Rams spot in the race to the playoffs, and with just two games left, they will be awfully difficult to dislodge from that spot. While it's not a win-or-go-home scenario, it might as well be, because the loser in Week 16's Thursday Night Football will fall from a good chance for postseason to remote possibility.

Regardless of the outcome of Week 16, both the Saints and the Rams have plenty to be pround of. The Rams have already topped their 2022 season in terms of victories by two, and could add to that number over the next three games. The Saints have successfully transitioned to a team that has veteran QB Derek Carr, and are competing in an NFC South Division that appears to be wide open for years to come. The Saints are as close to dominating their division as any team this year.

Right now, the LA Rams stand in their way. And all kidding aside, the Rams have worked too hard this season to let this chance slip through their fingers.