Are the LA Rams set at the quarterback position after the draft?

NFL Combine Stetson Bennett
NFL Combine Stetson Bennett / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The LA Rams were not going to fool anyone in the 2023 NFL Draft when it came to their need for a backup quarterback. Truth be told, the LA Rams watched as Kentucky quarterback Will Levis was selected just three spots earlier than the Rams Round 2 pick at the 36th overall selection. In Round 3, before the Rams made their selection at the 69th overall pick, the Detroit Lions traded up to select Tennessee QB Hendon Hooker at 68. The lack of opportunity to grab Hooker at 69 started a series of trades that added a pick and improved a Rams Round 6 pick to a Round 5 pick.

But the Rams could tell that the word was out. If they wanted to get a quarterback, the Rams would have to be a bit more aggressive. So it came to pass that when the LA Rams stepped up to the podium to make their 128th overall pick of the 2023 NFL Draft in Round 4, the Rams selected Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett.

That pick was perhaps the most controversial selection in terms of the fans' reaction. But Stetson was the only quarterback whose name appeared on Ramblin Fans 2023 Draft Big Board and for good reason. As we stated in that article:

"If you can get past his size, Bennett has incredible football IQ, is mobile, can throw to any receiver anywhere on the field, and is a well-respected team leader. He makes excellent coverage reads, possesses a quick release, is innovative and can improvise, and is competitive to his last breath." - Per Bret Stuter in the LA Rams Top 50 Big Board article, December 2022

Rams find another Bulldog QB

The LA Rams have a certain type of player that this team looks for, and Stetson Bennett fits that type to a T. Now, what does he bring to the Rams quarterback room?

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Before we go down that path, why don't I give you a chance to listen to him in his first press conference:

Now, let's get down to some of the nuts and bolts of Stetson Bennett. To do that, I turn it over to former Rams great QB, Kurt Warner. Warner opens with a huge endorsement of Bennett, and it goes uphill from there. Here is Part 1 of his two-part series.

How do you feel now? Here is the second part of two. As you not in the previous video, Warner loves his ability to 'feel,' quarterback pressure, never panics, and makes the second level throws.

Warner uses the second video to point out the Bennett's flaws, the gunslinger mindset (very similar to Matthew Stafford) that passes up the open short pass to take his shots downfield that may or may not be there.

So where does that leave the LA Rams in terms of quarterback depth? Well, Stetson Bennett is certainly a prospect at the quarterback position who can be coached and developed as a suitable backup. But even if Bennett achieve a Gardner Minshew-type level in the NFL, does that fill the Rams need at the position?

I believe that the Rams have to consider adding a veteran quarterback as well. Bennett is a rookie, and won't know the LA Rams training camp routine. In fact, with Bennett on the roster, I would be pleased if the Rams would re-sign either QB John Wolford or Bryce Perkins, if for nothing more than to run a clean crisp training camp.

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We'll see what the Rams do going forward. Are the LA Rams set at the quarterback position after the draft? In my mind, the answer is no, not yet. The LA Rams need at least one more veteran quarterback who can help manage the Rams roster throughout training camp.