Arrivederci Max Pircher. Rams waive IPP offensive lineman

Max Pircher
Max Pircher / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

Addition by subtraction? The LA Rams are not leaving any stone unturned as the team appears to be hell-bent on ridding the Rams roster of any player who does not fit their future plans. And right now, the Rams are dinging players are a record pace. Normally, I'm content to sit back and remain patient with the team, as it's awfully hard to envision the look of a new home by the way the backhoe excavates the first scoop of earth from the ground.

But the image of what the LA Rams are trying to do is beginning to take shape. The Rams roster is not just about freeing salary cap dollars, nor is this about clearing a roster spot or two. The LA Rams roster, now entering the 2022 NFL Free Agency market negotiating period, is not doing a very good job of adding players. In fact, the Rams are doing a much better job of getting rid of them.

I first noticed a blurb about Max Pircher on, on the column for Transactions.

The latest release is not one that has been made public, but rather appeared on the NFL Waiver Wire and I am admittedly disappointed. The LA Rams are releasing offensive lineman Max Pircher, the International Pathways Program offensive lineman from Italy, who appeared to be quite good in limited 2022 preseason appearances.

Not sure why Rams needed to release Max Pircher. As soon as the Rams hit 51 players, neither Max Pircher nor any other minimally paid player will factor into the Rams salary cap equation. So, what gives?

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Okay, I'm stumped. Why release Pircher?

The guy stands 6-foot-7 and weighs 300 pounds, and over the past two seasons has been a sponge for information and tips from NFL veterans like Andrew Whitworth and Rob Havenstein. I truly believed that, from what I saw from his preseason production in 2022, he would be back and competing for a starting role on the Rams offensive line in 2023. Instead? He is looking to sign with a new NFL team.

Pircher was not an expensive player to have on the roster. And from what we all saw from the 2022 offensive line, it would make sense for the Rams to want to audition as many offensive linemen for promotion in 2023 as possible. Remember, this was the team that started Bobby Evans at offensive guard, when all the evidence pointed to him struggling there. And he struggled.

Along the same thought process, the Rams went with backup to the backup OC Jeremiah Kolone, a gaffe because the Rams starting RG was the backup OC, Coleman Shelton. When Brian Allen was injured in the first game, and Shelton banged around shortly thereafter, the Rams were quickly on OC3. In short, the Rams' decision-making process when it comes to the offensive line is suspect.

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Will it all work out in the end? Perhaps. But it's a confusing series of events for a Rams roster that is now in the second day that allows teams to add players, and the Rams are still releasing them. Oh, but no worries, as this is not a rebuild. It's just a reset.