As many expected, the LA Rams fill their final roster spot with this veteran kicker

Tanner Brown Oklahoma State
Tanner Brown Oklahoma State / Brian Bahr/GettyImages

While the LA Rams actively assemble their practice squad (you can check the progress at this link), there was still a bit of window dressing remaining to do of the Rams roster that really takes a higher priority. After the LA Rams parted ways with rookie placekicker Tanner Brown, the team found itself in the awkward position of simply not having a place kicker on the roster.

Well, that just won't do, will it? After all, a quality place kicker can be an NFL team's leading scorer by the end of an NFL season. And as we had pointed out before, the first year for a kicker in the NFL is just not that dependable. So it made complete sense to tap the shoulder of a veteran kicker to the Rams through the 2023 NFL season. But who would it be?

Well, as we had predicted, the LA Rams most logical choice was former Denver Broncos kicker Brett Maher, who had just been released after the Broncos traded for a kicker:

Not only has Maher been more and more accurate with each season kicking the football, but the LA Rams had the opportunity to see him up close and personal in the Broncos recent drubbing of the Rams in preseason by a score of 41-0. In that game, Maher was a perfect two for two on field goals, and made five of five extra points.

Not bad for an audition try out for the LA Rams, eh?

While he will not be able to replicate the overwhelming production of former Rams kicker Matt Gay, Brett Maher is absolutely an upgrade over rooker Tanner Brown, for now at least. I would like to see the Rams sign Tanner Brown to the practice squad, to be honest.

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Not only would that give the Rams that emergency FG kicker in case of emergency, but it would ensure that the Rams have Brown in their system as he gets stronger and more accurate. That way, the Rams would have a kicker to work with next season and be able to bypass rookie kickers altogether.