As more cuts occur across the NFL, the LA Rams have to be tempted to place a waiver claim soon

UC Davis Ron Gould,
UC Davis Ron Gould, / Kent Nishimura/GettyImages
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As the NFL roster cuts accelerate today, the LA Rams are going to be pushed hard to make an instant analysis of any potential upgrades to the Rams roster, identify who on their roster will be subject to the additional cut necessary to place a successful waiver claim, and then act instantly and accordingly to put that analysis and plan into effect.

Will the juice be worth the squeeze? I think so. After all, it's not how the Rams roster gets to its optimal 53 players. It's only that the Rams roster gets to its optimal 53 players. And one of the advantages that the Rams possess this season due to struggling in 2022 is preferential treatment in processing any and all NFL waiver claims.

While the LA Rams are focused on a slow burn build to reach an apex in 2024, there are plenty of potholes and detours along the way.

So why not go to town? After all, some pretty promising players are getting released right now: